In Her Own Words

I was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia and immigrated in the USA in 1992.  I live near Seattle, WA with my husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs.  As a family we are involved with a local dog rescue and have fostered 40 dogs so far! 

Silver Night
Fancy Birch Night in Reds
Fall Colors
Wavy in Seattle

Artist Statement

It is not always easy to understand why you do what you do.  I paint because I like it, it relaxes me, and makes me happy when I like the result, but it is also frustrating at times... The whole process is more about feeling than about thinking, so, until now I never thought about why I paint what I do, and the way I do.  In order to write this statement, I had to analyze myself and my art, and for the first time I realized that the scenes in my art are pretty ordinary, but always more colorful and happier than they are in actuality. 

It seems to me that my recent work can be be separated into two main categories: the peaceful, serene one (e.g. single trees, frequently 'prettied up' with silver, gold, bronze or sparkly accents, occasionally with patterns and textures), and the cheerful, upbeat one (e.g. landscapes in bright, dissonant colors, my animals 'with an attitude', and my whimsical 'Seattle-scapes', usually in bold colors, with a 'dressed up' Space Needle ).  My current art is very different from my work from a few years ago.  I wonder if all the worrisome events going on in the world lately have caused this need in me to start creating a 'prettied up' version of what I see around me... it is the world I wish we lived in - free of suffering and evil.

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White Spotty Rooster
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Blue Lab
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Daisy on Red
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